Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nice to Meet You, Beckett!

For as long as Ethan has been mobile, Troy has often grabbed his hand to shake it and while he is shaking it says, "Nice to meet you, Ethan". For the past several months that Ethan has been talking, after Troy says his bit, Ethan often responds, "Nice-a-meetcho".

Today we layed Beckett down under an infant playmat we have for the first time. It plays music and has flashing colored lights to "stimulate the developing infant brain". After Beckett layed there for a few moments, Ethan chimed in, "Ethan's turn!". So to compromise I moved Beckett over and made a spot so he and Ethan could share it.
Ethan turned to Beckett and grabbed his hand and said, "Nice-a-meetchoo, Betett." So sweet!

We were going to go and get pumpkins this weekend, but the weather was so miserable that we decided to go later this week. We mostly kicked around the house and neighborhood doing the usual. Errands and the park on Saturday, and the usual soccer Sunday. Grammie and Grampie, Holly and Chloe and Cason, and Shayne and Kellie all came out to brave the wind, rain and cold to watch Troy's game!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beckett, Three Weeks Old!

We went to have you circumcized this past Thursday. When we weighed you at the Dr's office you were 9lbs 12oz! You have picked up the pace in the gaining weight department - you do have a bigger brother to catch up to. For the record I would like to say that you were much better behaved through the "procedure" than Ethan was. You only cried at the start because you were hungry. As soon as we got going and you were getting fed you didn't make a peep. What a good boy!
I gave you a full bath before we left for the appointment and decided to moisturize you with some nice baby lotion with shea butter in it. I should not have put it on your face. Your little baby pimples have turned into a full breakout that almost looks like a rash! Sorry, not that you will remember...but your beautiful skin has been more blemished than usual this week.
Other than that...things are not much different with you from week 2. Still lots of sleepy time and eating. You are smiling when you drift off to sleep - so I am sure that it is only a matter of time before you show us your first smiles awake. We are looking forward to it!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Full Fall Day

Those of you that know me well know that Fall is my favorite time of year! I enjoy the crisp days - SWEATER WEATHER - especially when it is sunny outside. Today is a little warm for sweaters still, not that I am complaining, but I was still giddy to see the first of the dried leaves gathering in the corners of the yard. This is also a CRAZY time of year at my work - so it is nice to not be thinking about hockey and have more time to enjoy and ponder things like pumpkins and fall flowers in peoples' yards and on their porches.
I don't have many creative ideas for writing for the blog. Days have been really busy with just completing the normal functions of everyday life. Not that we usually do extraordinary events that I blog about - but we haven't done much more than basic maintenance (feeding, dressed, chores, playtime, dogwalking) since little Beckett has come along. This is not a complaint! Just an observation of how our family life has changed temporarily. It will be reflected on this website because it is a type of journal for us as well as a place that our friends and family can get updates and recent pictures. I suppose it is the best time of year to have a "forced" slowdown spending more quiet time together after a busy summer.
The routine has been adjusted during the week while Dad is working - it is tricky to get as much done as we did before. But I have done my best to keep getting out of the house as much as possible to Ethan's usual activities so his life is disrupted as little as possible and so that the house is not destroyed by an antsy toddler with energy to burn. I could sit all day admiring Beckett sleeping on me, but Ethan+idle time=mischief.

Aside from the M-F ongoings...Troy had a work function on Saturday, so Grammie and Grampie came and took Ethan for a couple of hours Saturday morning to give me some free time. They went shopping and then to the Goldstream Nature Centre and finally MacDonalds for lunch. He had a fantastic time and is still going on about the "popping" and the "tunnel" and is constantly asking when they will be coming back. I enjoyed the quiet time.

My parents brought us over about 50 lbs. of Rigatoni Casserole to enjoy over the weekend as well as a pot of "burnt nose" soup last week. Grant and Alicia brought us over some other easy to bake meals to keep in the freezer last weekend. This has been handy and appreciated. We have been well fed!
Saturday night we went to Kellie and Shayne's for a BBQ - it was great to be out socializing at least until 7 when we had to get home for bath time... Troy and I were ready for bed by then anyways.
Sunday was a soccer/park fest. After getting up in the morning and going on our usual dog walk down the hill to the waterway and the play park, we all got packed up and went out to my soccer game. After that it was lunch and nap time. When Ethan got up from his nap, he and Troy went to watch some of Shayne's soccer game and then came home for dinner. After dinner, we all walked to the park by our house and played with some friends in the playground until bathtime! It doesn't look like much written down - but it was a busy day!

This is how we will spend our soccer games are at 10am and Troy's are at 2:15 all fall and winter. We will be at the park to play and watch - weather permitting of course...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beckett, Two Weeks Old!

Today you are two weeks old. This past week you have had much more awake time. You like to sit in the boppy and look out the window or at the curtains, but the last few days you have been turning towards noises and following moving people (us) with your eyes. Its funny how this is exciting to a parent - but I'll say "good work" on your development anyway because I really think it is.
You are back up over your birth weight by a few ounces and other than that you are still mostly eating and sleeping your time away without much crying like a good baby does (which I really appreciate). Yesterday was our first day home without Dad - and I missed his help. But we were all fed and dressed and even took the dog for a walk before we left for Kindergym! You just happily tag along in the sling with Ethan and I right now as we go about our day. You are the silent side kick for now...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nice things...

1. Sharing and caring. This morning Ethan was nosing around some of the presents that friends and family got for Beckett to welcome him into the world. After a few moments, he came running over to where Beckett was sleeping on the couch with a tiny new pair of shoes. "Betett's shoes on?" Everything with him is a question. He tried handing the shoes to his little brother and after seeing that he was not willing to get up, he placed the shoes beside him - I guess for when he woke up. What a nice big brother.
2. Turtle, turtle! I love when a new baby falls asleep on you with their neck craned to one side and their little turtle head stretched out and resting on your chest. Their tiny little legs are curled up into a little ball underneath them and their hands are clasped at their chest. All tucked in like they were still inside a warm cozy belly. I think this is my favourite part of having a new baby. Just like with Ethan, Troy and I negotiate who gets to hold Beckett in their arms each time he falls asleep in the evening. We only get a few months of this and we want to be sure we each get out fair time...
3. Sleepy boys. This afternoon, like most since Beckett was born, the house is quiet from about 12:30 until 3:00. This is when Ethan has an afternoon nap, only waking up after a couple of hours with crazy bed head and goofy sleepy smiles. During this time, Troy (and I) sometimes have a nap, and Beckett sleeps in the middle of the boppy pillow - like he does during most of the day. I love the quiet of the house and puttering around from room to room spotting sleepy boys laying around in various places. Cozy times.

4. Baby Sling. My friends, Holly and Kellie bought me a baby sling for a shower present. When I first opened it up - it was a bit intimidating. But, I washed it and dried it to shrink it to size and tried it on after reading the instructions. Getting the baby inside it for the first time was a bit awkward - but once he was in - MAN was he cozy. We went out for a long walk and he slept great all mashed in there like he was still squished inside me. I am officially a big fan of the sling. Thanks for the great present guys...your thank you card should make it before Christmas...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome Beckett Carter!

Well, one week ago today we were waiting around at the hospital for Beckett to go through all of his "checks" so we could be released. In some ways I can't believe it has already been a week - and yet only been a week since he was born! He fits in great with our family, and, of course, now it is hard to imagine him not being with us.I have skipped ahead a little bit in the blog to update about Beckett's arrival because we have had so many emails and requests for pictures - I will fill in the rest of the month of August for all you Ethan Land "fans" as I go along. You might have noticed that the name of the blog has changed to reflect our addition - the web link has not so it will still work in your web favourites if you have us there.
I also wanted to say that I thought about creating a new blog just for Beckett - but that also seems like an unreasonable amount of work at this point. I will make an effort to have some posts just about him so he does not end up with that second child feeling of neglect... I like to think that I could do two, but I realistically I'm already behind with this one, and my Thank you cards, and general correspondence to well-wishers, etc.... By the way, we appreciate all of the kind words and wishes sent to us this past week - it is nice to have such wonderful friends and family. Even though I haven't had a lot of time to respond, I appreciate getting the calls and emails.
Anyways, Beckett is a jem of a baby. He is very laid back and sleeps really well (as in - still gets up every few hours to eat, but goes right back to sleep in his bed when he is done). He spends his time sleeping, and eating and staring blankly at the curtains right now - BUT he is a very good "yawner" and great at stretching:)

Troy and I adore him, and Ethan varies between: being so gentle and kind with him it makes my heart melt - this morning when he got up he ran over and peered into the bassinet and said "Guh mornin, Betett!", to completely ignoring his existence. It is a big adjustment for all of us, and Ethan is handling it really well for a toddler. It's so hard to share centre stage...but you can see already that there is a bond there.
More to follow when I get some time... Welcome home, Beckett!