Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beachy Days...

Today was an awesome sunny day - so we decided to venture to the beach to play.
You know summer is around the corner when it is warm enough to wear flip flops or bare feet!
Shayne and Kellie and Dakota joined us and the boys and dogs played ball while the ladies chatted and relaxed...
What is not to love about the beach?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Apples and Animals

We went to the dollar store today and found some awesome (probably toxic) plastic safari animals that Ethan is really enjoying.
He insisted on taking them to bed with him for naptime, and when he woke up he was still clutching a couple of them.
I got him his milk and cut up some apples for him. He thought it would be nice to share. And make growling, roaring noises to make them feel at home while they are eating.
He's pretty funny.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

BIG Swans

It was a nice spring-y afternoon, so we decided to go to Kinsmen Park and kick the ball around after Troy came home from work.
We noticed three GIANT ("beeg" as Ethan would say) swans in the water. I mean, they were really big. HUGE. Look at the size of them compared to Cooper:Cooper went into "chase animal mode" as soon as he saw them. He ran into the water and towards the swans. They did not back down. In fact, they started swimming aggressively towards him. He chickened out when he realized he was outsized and outnumbered.
Ha, ha, ha. Funny birds.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Birthday Weekend

This weekend we had a couple of parties to go to...

It was Holly and Shaun's son's first birthday, Cason. I don't have any pictures as we only stayed shortly as Ethan was not feeling well (teeth and upset tummy). He spent most of the short time we were at the party sitting on my lap - which is really weird... BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASON! We promise to party harder next year. It was also Grampie's 60th Birthday! Auntie Natty and Uncle Axl had a party for him at their place.It was nice to get together with everyone, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN (Troy's Dad). Of course Ethan was very entertaining and helpful, as usual... "Let me get the garbage door for you ladies."After such a fun busy weekend, we spent Sunday afternoon relaxing at home...

Friday, April 13, 2007

On Sleeping and Eating...

Ethan, you really sleep like a log most of the time - for which I am thankful. Not that this is a shock - seeing as your Dad and I really enjoy and have no trouble sleeping. Today you were sleeping extra long during your nap - so I thought I should go and wake you.
When I opened the door, this is what I saw:
Little feet with socks half on hanging outside the bars of the crib. you were so dead to the world that you didn't hear me sneak in, and sneak out to get the camera - or snap the pictures WITH FLASH!
You are also becoming very independent during mealtimes. You used to be content to hold a fork or spoon while we fed you, but more often now you want to be the only one doing the shovelling. And when the fork and spoon are not working well (and it IS their fault of course...) fingers are just fine! You are getting a lot better with the utensils as you go...and I know that you will never get better unless you practice. So we let you - just with no clothes on a lot of the time bacause I don't like to be behind on floor washing AND laundry!
The one nice thing is that you love to Daddy, have a yummy bite!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As stated previously on this website...when the nicer weather comes...we go OUTSIDE!
Here is Jay and his son, Isaiah and dog, Keisha with Ethan and Cooper out back playing hockey and 4x4's and fetch and such.
Yay! We are so excited to see the sun!
Everything is better outside...especially the getting dirty part!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Eighteen Months Old

You now run around faster than ever! As my belly grows...I slow down, and each day you speed up! Soon - I know - you will be able to outrun me. The fast forward motion has also increased the "OUCH!" factor around our house...Your vocabulary has gone from exploding to nuclear. You are like a little sponge just waiting to soak up words and concepts that "leak" out of your Dad and I. It is really amazing how fast your comprehension has developed in the past few weeks. You now refer to us as "Daddy" and "Mommy" more often than "Dada" and "Mama". Cooper is now "Perpur!" instead of just "dug" or "puppy". You also point to yourself and say "Eat-hin". You finally know your own name!

The warmer spring weather has come along with less playing inside. Demands of "uhside?" - ie "Lets go outside", and "perk?" or "sweeng?" - ie "Lets go to the park, or where the swings are" are common. It is great that you can finally start communicating what you really want now.

With this communication comes the assumption that you can get whatever you want as long as you ask for it in words; and the accompanying temper tantrums when you don't get what you asked for. You are getting harder and harder to "distract" with simple items when you start to kick up a fuss. We used to just re-direct you, or wave a new toy in front of you, but your determination is increasing and once you fixate on an item - LOOK OUT! Ahhh, independence...

It is awesome to see what kind of person you are becoming - even as a crazy toddler! You are starting to get manners, and now you give kisses - which melts our hearts, and you are still the funniest person we know. It must be hard being so emotionally unstable, but your highs and lows are really the best parts of our days, and we feel thankful to have you around - even when you turn into a cranky dictator!

Love always, Mama. XOXOX

Monday, April 02, 2007

KinderGym and Lunch

On Mondays we go to Kindergym at Esquimalt Rec Centre. It is great to let Ethan loose to burn off some of that toddler energy!
Sometimes, if Dad is in the neighborhood - he drops in for a visit!
Here is Dad making a basket, and then Ethan trying to copy him. Too cute! Look at the expression of effort!
Alex and Courtney usually come too, so we like to have lunch with them afterwards.
The sharing of the food is much easier than the sharing of the toys apparently...
It is so cute when they play nice together.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Petting Zoo

Today we took a trip to the Beacon Hill Park petting zoo to see all of the baby goats.

Ethan LOVED the "BAHHHH" of the sheep - they were kicking up an extra big fuss because of having dinner delayed an hour due to daylight savings.

He enjoyed the goats too... and had a great time watching the crazy little ones jump around.
He seemed to enjoy the brushing - and enjoyed army crawling through the wood chips - EWWW!Treating the goats like he treats Cooper at hugs and rolling around with them...
He also marched around brushing wood chips off of other people's legs and bottoms - which was very considerate. Then, we cleaned up (as much as was possible after rolling around in the goat pen) and went home to disinfect his clothes.