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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Go Fly a Kite!

It was kind of a windy day - so Dad had a great idea. On our way to Flemming Beach he stopped at the dollar store and picked up a kite. He is so clever!
You, unfortunately, were having a difficult, whiny morning (I think because you woke up too early). So you were unhappy when the kite was flying because you wanted to hold it, and you were unhappy once we reeled the kite in for you because you wanted it to be back up in the air flying!
After all that kite STRESS we went home for naptime. When you woke up, Dad hopped into your bed (with the tent on it) which you find thrilling and hilarious.
And after a good long sleep you were in a much better mood.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Flemming Beach

Recently, Flemming Beach has become one of our new favourite places to go for a dog walk. There are old military bunkers there, and you get a nice view of Colwood and Esquimalt Lagoon in one direction - and downtown (and the cruise ship terminal) in the other direction. It is a pretty neat place to explore.
Here you are doing some strange Tae Chi type moves. We really don't know what you are doing when you do this, but you do it every once and a while.
There is a part of the walk where we pass by some steep coastal type area. It is easier on our (my) nerves to give you a shoulder ride so you don't go tumbling down to the rocks and ocean below. Lots of planes and helicopters fly overhead here - so its a pretty good seat for you!
From the point you get a great view of the cruise ships docking. The picture doesn't do the size of the ship justice. When we get lucky enough to see one docking or leaving it comes really close to the park and you go on about how "huuuge!" it is. Dad taught you that.
Then the trail goes into the military/bunker type area. There are all kinds of secret nooks and crannys to explore even though most of the windows and doors are locked up or have bars over them.
Bars that are great for climbing, of course...

There is a fun tunnel that leads up to the main lookout area - it has a great echo.

At the top of the military lookout point there is this structure on the side that you and Dad climb out on to for fun and to freak me out. Here's Daddy saying "Wave to Mama..." - way down there on the GROUND!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bath, Bed and Away...

This week I have to go away to Whistler for work for 4 whole days! I have never been away from you for more than just overnight before...but you will be home with Daddy and I know you will have a good time because he is so excited to have you to himself for this time. He even took time off work! I'm sure the trip will be harder on me...

It has been a busy month...I have to go away twice for work, and Dad was away for a 4 day golf trip...but you have adapted really well and do not seem to get upset when one of us is gone. I know while Dad was away you asked for him alot - "Daddy?", and I would just tell you that Daddy was at work - and you seemed ok with it.In the evenings your Dad and I split the bedtime duties. He gives you a bath while I tidy up toys around the house and get your PJ's ready. Then he gets you dressed in your PJ's. After that we go into the chair in your room and say goodnight to Dad. I read you a few books, and you go to bed. We appreciate that you are such a good boy - especially when there is only one of us home to put you to bed and you are so co-operative.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Weekend Events...

This weekend was a "kick-around" weekend - nothing specifically planned to do, which is nice in this busy month! We got up and you wanted to read at the table in a big boy chair while you waited for milk and breakfast. I love how you usually sit on the corner and wrap your feet around a chair leg for balance.
We went to a cafe to get fancy coffee, a newspaper and buns or treats (as we often do on Saturday mornings). And you wanted to sit on the chair again with your blueberry cinnamon bun. We were in the PJ golf tournament this afternoon so we spent some of the morning at the park with you and the dog.
Sunday morning we had breakfast and hung out around the house. Sunday afternoon was your buddy Alex's 2nd birthday party! Here is is with his pinata in the yard... Happy Birthday, Alex!
You were pretty excited about your turns taking a swing at the pinata, but kind of scary at the same time...there was a little bit of extra intensity when you got your hands on the bat. You also didn't want anyone else to have a turn...
All in all a nice relaxing weekend - and Happy Father's Day of course!

Monday, June 11, 2007

At the Beach, Again

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows at Esquimalt Lagoon, AGAIN!
This time we were with more people: Adam and Coutney and Alex, Evan and Natalie and Logan, Craig and Luke... it was really hot - even though it didn't look it (I actually packed a sweater, HAHA!). We had a really good time.

Here's the kids (and millions of beach toys):
Here's the Dads (and their beers):
Here's the pregnant Moms (minus the photographer - yes, ALL of us are pregnant):
Here's the hole the boys wrestled in:

Friday, June 08, 2007

Twenty Months Old!

This past month you were fascinated with the bug world - spiders, ants, "LAY-DEE" bugs - any small crawling critter you find is pretty entertaining. A few days ago we were in the back yard and a ladybug landed on my shirt. We put it on your hand and it crawled up your arm. You were smiling so flew away and so I said "bye-bye ladybug" and you copied me. You've been talking about it ever since. It is SO cute to watch you try to relay the story: you walk your fingers up your arm and then wave as you flutter your fingers into the sky acting out what the ladybug did that day.You are also still getting funnier by the minute! It is awesome that we can get you to say almost anything we want: "Hey, dude!", or "Hi, buddy", or "Do IT" from the Starsky and Hutch movie in a crazy deep voice. Your newest trick is pretending to sleep - as seen in these photos. When we say "Night, night!" you scrunch up your eyes and start to laugh.

Yesterday I had to go away for work all day - so I only saw you for a short time in the morning as I came home late last night. Today when I got you out of bed you ran to the kitchen asking for "moke" (milk) as usual. As I was pouring it you looked at me and said, "Wuv-voo, mama" out of the blue and with no prompting - I guess you must have missed me! My heart just about exploded and I am still floating through the day.

I wuv-voo too.


Saturday, June 02, 2007


This morning we went to Thetis Lake to walk the dog and play. It was warm, so I thought we should bring swim shorts for you just in case...I now know to ALWAYS bring swim shorts with me as you are pretty enthusiastic about swimming!
You jumped and landed in the water on your bum over and over making a big splash each time...
You are not afraid of the water still - which makes us a little afraid for you...
But, daddy was there to help you swim around and make sure you didn't go too deep.