Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Playing with the Neighbors

We went over to our neighbors' house - Fred and Karen - for a visit this afternoon.
Ethan loves to visit over there. They have toys for him to play with and Fred has all kinds of fun and dangerous things in his shop to play with and marvel at. Hockey sticks, power tools - you know, boy stuff...
Ethan also loves their cat Winnie - here he is squatting to watch her have her dinner. He wanted to grab the food and feed it to her.
Karen has been fighting breast cancer - and through the treatments she has lost her hair and has been wearing wigs and scarves. This afternoon, Ethan got to try on her wig! We were all laughing so hard I thought I was going into labour!
Look at the smile on Ethan's face. It's like the wig was the best thing EVER!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wet - Again...

So, here you are with your first kiddie pool. We bought it at Canadian Tire for $10.00 and it has been a staple of your summer so far this year.
You love to throw all of your yard toys in the pool and get in with them. You love to dunk your face in the water and blow bubbles. You just love everything about the pool.
You don't care if you are dressed for swimming or not. You don't care if you have your shoes on. Whenever you are in the backyard and the pool is full you just jump right in!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Surf's Up!

Troy went away for ball this weekend. Kellie and Shayne were watching Chloe and Cason for the day and they called us up to see if we wanted to meet them at Witty's Lagoon. Of course!

Shayne brought his skim board with him - and Ethan was captivated! He spent a bit of time watching what Shayne did...

...and the rest of the time trying to copy him. Check out the look of concentration on that little face.

After some time he seemed confused that whenever he stepped on the board it just he gave up and jumped some waves with Chloe, and played in the sand with Cason.
After that it was time to go back to our spot and dry off and have some lunch before heading home.
A great beach day! But really, what beach day isn't great?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy Little Ham

New bat and tee...somebody's excited!
Plunk, swing, hit, REPEAT (384568 times).
Rockin' out with Dad's video game guitar!
And cooking up a storm! All in the period of about an hour. I'm exhausted and it isn't even 10am yet!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot Boys

Wow! It has been some heat wave these last couple of days! We have spent a lot of time outside in the yard and in the kiddie pool.
After dinner today, Ethan and Troy sat out on the back deck to read - did you notice that the book is about a penguin and the South Pole? I guess it was picked to help them feel cooler...
But aside from that...honestly...aren't these two the cutest boys around? I think so!

Friday, July 06, 2007

21 Months Old!


This month, you know the difference between hot and cold, and big and little, and are starting to recognize and identify colors. Cold cut apples from the fridge are too cold - even popsicles can be too cold now. Anything hot (or warm) is refused - basically things are only good at room temp. Weirdo.

You are still very social and curious - but you are a little tentative being in close quarters with men that you do not know that well. You seek them out - but you don't want to get too close (ie within grabbing/touching range). High fives and "bones" are ok - but you don't want any closer contact until you warm up to them. Ladies are a whole different story... Here you are modelling the new shirt Matt brought you from Hawai'i - you were not thrilled about being picked up for the photo.
You love the bigger kids and you run to them and chase after them and watch them play with fascination. It seems amazing to you how fast they run and how high they can climb. You marvel at their abilities and try to copy what they have done. Like swinging from the bar at the top of the slide giving your mother a heart attack (below)! Because you are so brave (fearless) you are really starting to become more capable and steady. You also have started jumping. It is just a two foot jump from the ground - but Dad has taught you how to squat and thrust into the air and you are pretty impressive.
We are learning to share and trying to keep up with our manners. Share and please are still commands to you most of the time. As in: you say/yell "share" to someone and grab what they have without waiting for an answer. Many tell me that you are really good for a toddler - I'm just happy that you don't have too many tantrums when I am "helping" you return the toy. Most of the time you are willing to give things back and wait your turn.

You are a mile a minute still and I never get over how much there is to see and do in a day when you are 21 months old! It can take us 15 minutes to get from the front door and down the porch steps to the car seat because you find so many things to explore on your way - even though we make the trip at least twice a day! Your fascination fascinates me - you are the best show on earth!

Love always, Mama

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day 2007

This Canada Day we followed our regular routine...
We went down to Gorge Rd for the "Picnic" and festivities. Ethan was thrilled to walk around freely on the road and wander up to some of the many people taking part. We went home mid-day for a nap, and afterwards returned to my Mom and Chris' for their annual Canada Day BBQ on the front lawn. Happy Canada Day Everyone!
Chloe and Cason and Holly enjoying a break at my parents house.
Ethan decked out in his Canada Day gear.
Savannah in her Canada Day outfit too!
Dad and Ethan walking down Gorge Rd. Ethan was determined to follow the yellow line.
Amongst the people and vendors on the walkway.
Cason enjoying?!? (we think) a popcicle. Funny guy!