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Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Full Fall Day

Those of you that know me well know that Fall is my favorite time of year! I enjoy the crisp days - SWEATER WEATHER - especially when it is sunny outside. Today is a little warm for sweaters still, not that I am complaining, but I was still giddy to see the first of the dried leaves gathering in the corners of the yard. This is also a CRAZY time of year at my work - so it is nice to not be thinking about hockey and have more time to enjoy and ponder things like pumpkins and fall flowers in peoples' yards and on their porches.
I don't have many creative ideas for writing for the blog. Days have been really busy with just completing the normal functions of everyday life. Not that we usually do extraordinary events that I blog about - but we haven't done much more than basic maintenance (feeding, dressed, chores, playtime, dogwalking) since little Beckett has come along. This is not a complaint! Just an observation of how our family life has changed temporarily. It will be reflected on this website because it is a type of journal for us as well as a place that our friends and family can get updates and recent pictures. I suppose it is the best time of year to have a "forced" slowdown spending more quiet time together after a busy summer.
The routine has been adjusted during the week while Dad is working - it is tricky to get as much done as we did before. But I have done my best to keep getting out of the house as much as possible to Ethan's usual activities so his life is disrupted as little as possible and so that the house is not destroyed by an antsy toddler with energy to burn. I could sit all day admiring Beckett sleeping on me, but Ethan+idle time=mischief.

Aside from the M-F ongoings...Troy had a work function on Saturday, so Grammie and Grampie came and took Ethan for a couple of hours Saturday morning to give me some free time. They went shopping and then to the Goldstream Nature Centre and finally MacDonalds for lunch. He had a fantastic time and is still going on about the "popping" and the "tunnel" and is constantly asking when they will be coming back. I enjoyed the quiet time.

My parents brought us over about 50 lbs. of Rigatoni Casserole to enjoy over the weekend as well as a pot of "burnt nose" soup last week. Grant and Alicia brought us over some other easy to bake meals to keep in the freezer last weekend. This has been handy and appreciated. We have been well fed!
Saturday night we went to Kellie and Shayne's for a BBQ - it was great to be out socializing at least until 7 when we had to get home for bath time... Troy and I were ready for bed by then anyways.
Sunday was a soccer/park fest. After getting up in the morning and going on our usual dog walk down the hill to the waterway and the play park, we all got packed up and went out to my soccer game. After that it was lunch and nap time. When Ethan got up from his nap, he and Troy went to watch some of Shayne's soccer game and then came home for dinner. After dinner, we all walked to the park by our house and played with some friends in the playground until bathtime! It doesn't look like much written down - but it was a busy day!

This is how we will spend our soccer games are at 10am and Troy's are at 2:15 all fall and winter. We will be at the park to play and watch - weather permitting of course...


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