Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beckett, Thirty Four Weeks Old!

You are rolling and army crawling and dragging yourself all over the place right now! Its like you gave up on trying to crawl on your hands and knees because it takes longer and you can only go backwards right now anyways. When you see something you want to get to you start flipping and reaching and clawing until you get there. You are a very determined baby right now and NOT content to sit still or be contained.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Gone to Doggie Heaven

Cooper is gone. I don't know how else to say this. We knew going to the vet today that we would probably not be coming home with him. Our vet was surprised at how sick he had gotten in the last two weeks. He was not responding to the "clinical" help and she agreed that he didn't need any more poking or prodding or pills.

I imagine that I kind of understand what the parents of death row inmates must go through. Knowing that time is marching towards the inevitable - yet waiting and hoping for that unrealistic last minute pardon that always seems to come in the movies.

His mind and spirit were willing, but his body was failing. It was comforting to see him still wag his tail, and pick up a ball because he was excited that someone was at the door - even this morning. As much as we wanted to find the good things and look for improvements, he was having a hard time breathing properly, and his back end was starting to give out, and he was asleep almost all the time. He was only eating because he was on steroids, and we didn't want to sustain him with medication.

It did not seem fair to keep him alive without really living because he had been such a vibrant and vigorous dog. We knew that we had to let him go because we really love him and we didn't want him to suffer.

We will miss the clickity clack of his stinky nacho feet on the deck and hardwood floors. We will miss his little "brain" and velvety ears. We will miss him barking at the church bells and the skoozies in the backyard. We will miss him picking up shoes and making a whirring noise everytime someone comes to the door. I'm sure that there will still be dog hair in everything I cook for the next several years - but that's ok.

It feels empty at our house right now with the kids asleep - but I know that Cooper is somewhere in doggie heaven enjoying some pepperoni sticks and a butt scratch - and winning the waggy-est tail contest because his whole back end is wiggling and his helicopter tail is lifting him off the ground.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beckett, Thirty Three Weeks Old!

This week I will report that you have been sleeping great! After a short phase of waking up at midnight and again at 5am (its painful to get up twice again once you get used to sleeping more), you have started sleeping through the night most of the time or waking at around 5 or 5:30 to have a bottle and go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7.
You have less of a consistent schedule compared to your brother - but you are more easygoing and adaptable - especially with naptimes. You are pretty easy...when you start to get cranky, we put you in your crib and you willingly go to sleep most of the time. Thank you for being such an easy baby.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cooper Thanks You...

The past couple of days have been tough (for us and for Cooper and for all of you that love him too). On Monday, Cooper had bloodwork and X-Rays done. The vet needed to keep him for about an hour for the tests - so I suggested to Troy that he come and pick us up so we could all go get Cooper together.

When the vet brought us in the exam room, she told us that the X-rays did not look good. Cooper has several cysts and/or tumors in his lungs - one being quite large. He also has an infection - the vet suspected secondary, so his temperature was high and his eyes are goopy. We had to wait for the bloodwork. He was put on antibiotics as a start to at least help with the infection.

Yesterday was the worst. I tried to take him on a short walk in the morning and it was slow going. He slept the rest of the day away, and he isn't eating his dog food. He is shaky and weak. We fed him some tuna and chicken breast and table scraps - the vet said it is a good sign that he will at least still eat people food when she called last night.

She called to check on him and give us the results of the bloodwork. It isn't cryptoccal fungus (SP?) which she suspected, and the only solid results were REALLY high white blood cell count (indication of infection) and higher than normal protein levels in the blood. She said there was no point in doing further blood tests because the protein levels didn't indicate something specific...blah blah blah...I got lost in the details there, but she is super nice and a really great vet so I trust her judgement and opinion.

She was concerned that Cooper had such a bad day and encouraged me to bring him in if he continued to be so lethargic. She agreed that it could have been the stress from the vet visit and X-rays, and his fever breaking as the antibiotics kick in. She also said to keep feeding him lean people foods if he is interested. She was glad he was keeping the medications down.

So, in a nutshell, we don't know what is wrong. We are to keep on with the antibiotics and hope that he improves, and then the vet wants to re X-ray him in a couple of weeks to check out his lungs again. There is not much more we can do aside from extra TLC.

He seemed a bit better today, he was keen to go out when we were going to the playground (I made him stay home and rest), wagged his tail a bit more, and he was happy to spend the afternoon outside in the yard - mostly laying around, but barking and sniffing and exploring a bit. All good signs compared to yesterday.

It is a big week for him, and we hope that he continues to perk up more as the medication (hopefully) does its job. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts - Cooper really appreciates knowing he is so loved. We'll keep you updated...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cooper - The Best Dog, Ever

Cooper has been sick. A couple of weeks ago we took him to the vet because he was having coughing fits and gagging constantly through the day. The vet gave us a prescription for some narcotics to keep him mellow and not barking while what they thought was kennel cough got better. And he did seem to get better, he still coughed - but it was down to a few times a day.

Cooper has never been sick before. We've spent lots of money at the vet over the years - but it was all for things like stitches for cut feet and broken toes. So this is all new to us. This morning I got up and saw that he had puked by the back door. This is the normal spot for him to do this. He has always been a puker - our Cooper has a sensitive tummy. But this morning something looked different and there was some blood in the puddle.

Troy just came home from work early to take him to the vet to get him checked out again. I spent this afternoon's quiet time petting and cuddling Cooper - apologising for not having as much time and patience for him since the kids came along. Of course, he would never hold a grudge - he was just happy to have my affection and leaning into me and resting his head on me enjoying the contact.

Before they left the house, Troy saw me crying. I explained to him that I was afraid that the vet might say there is something really wrong with Cooper and he will die soon or will have to be put down. I understand that he is getting to be old - and that his passing will be inevitable - but I just don't think it should be time yet.

I'm worried that I overlooked him being extra tired, staying in bed longer than usual, not wanting to go for the second walk of the day, maybe looking a bit thinner. Things that we have summed up to him just getting older that could be an indication of something else.

I've never had a dog before Cooper, and I wouldn't say that I wasn't a dog person before getting him, I just didn't think much of dogs either way. Now that I am totally a dog person, he holds a very special piece of my heart. Those of you that know our family well know that Cooper has been pretty spoiled throughout his life. Sleeping on the bed and furniture, longs walks and hikes every day, treats and table scraps and trips to the beach. The way we have spoiled him has been nothing compared to the joy and comfort and companionship he has brought us. He is the best dog ever.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Beckett, Thirty One Weeks Old!

This week you are suddenly even more interested in "play". You want to be a part of the action more and more instead of just sitting on the sidelines.
You and Ethan were playing together just yesterday. He was running around the outside of your exersaucer and you were spinning around inside it trying to "catch" him. You were both howling.
Here's you and Daddy playing your first version of catch...him throwing the ball up in the air and catching it while you lie on the ground. Sometimes it blows me away how much you look like him.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mormor

Today is my mom's birthday so we went down to their place to have a little party at lunch.
Ethan having his first taste of Chef Boyardee Ravioli. It was my favourite as a kid!
Beckett playing on Mormor's lap.
Ethan helping Papa Chris carry in the mini cake and sing Happy Birthday.
Ethan wanting desperately to blow out the candle and Beckett wanting to grab it!

Beckett, Thirty Weeks Old!

On the 27th of March you woke up and both of your lower front teeth had broken through the gums. Your first teeth! You are definitely a chewer and you chomp hard. I will have to remember not to offer my fingers to you anymore now that you have some secret weapons. I tell Ethan not to get to close to your hands or your mouth because you have no idea how to be gentle yet and you can be "dangerous" if you get a hold of him...