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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another week of cheer!

Monday December 3

We wrote letters to Santa. This took a long time cause the lists were BIG! Also Beckett wanted to write his but he can't spell yet so every letter had to be dictated to him, but he worked very hard and did a great job.

We went to the mall to visit with Santa and have a picture taken. When we got the picture back, I marveled at the long legged giants sitting in Santa's lap (feet almost touching the floor).

Christmas cards were the activity of the day!

We dusted off the bin of decorations for the house and made really pretty piles of Christmas things all over :D Eventually, the house looked awesome. I love looking through the collection of hand made ornaments that has amassed in the last few years since school started.

Tree time!
Troy and Beckett headed out to the tree lot while me and Ethan prepped the site. The tree got to our house at the same time as Isaiah and Papa Chris so all of the boys got sidetracked... (happy hour, video games etc). I went to yoga. Troy put on the lights and the rest of the decorating happened on

After soccer, we came home and put all of the ornaments on the tree. The item for today was hidden PJ's.

Sunday December 9
The activity was make a wreath. This involves walking in the forest for clippings as the first step - however, we had a friends 40th birthday the night before and it was a GREAT party, so the boys got to watch a lot of Christmas movies instead...

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Order of Things

The 24 days of December are long enough from what I remember in doing the chocolate calendar countdown. I think if I had to start the anticipation in November when I was a kid the waiting might have killed my spirit. I used to get frustrated that there were so many days of chocolates - life wasn't ok until we got to the tenth. Then once we got to the twenties life was AWESOME!

We are firm about not starting Christmas-ey things while it is still November. The Santa parade was two weeks ago which seems crazy so we didn't go. Bah-humbug! :) we are meanest ever parents!

November 30

Friday, the last day of November, and report card day (Beckett's first). As Troy says, it is hard to take the report cards seriously at this age. Most of the criteria they use are so abstract that it would be almost impossible to celebrate or punish based on one person's feedback done while watching 20 other kids.

The boys did well, though. No surprises, they are bright and learn things easily, energetic, have varying degrees of listening skills depending on the situation and both like to joke around a lot.

December 1

After the excitement of it *finally* being December and getting to open the first day on the chocolate calendars, and seeing what the activity of the day was going to be we had soccer to go to.

Typical Saturday morning picture: cartoons and Lego while waiting for brunch after early morning soccer games.

The day's advent activity was the truck parade with our friends Alex and Molly who we don't get to play with enough so it is always a fun treat to see them. The trucks drove really fast this year it seemed, but it was still a good light display and we were thankful that it stayed dry after the soakingwetday leading up to it.

December 2

This morning we get to go to a fancy hotel downtown for a kids Christmas party from Troy's work! I am not exactly sure what it entails, but I'm thinking Santa and some presents will be there, maybe some good snacks? I'm also thinking we better get the boys in the bath....

Then this afternoon, all the little cousins on my side of the family are going to my sisters house to help decorate the tree and do some cookies. I think this is the fourth year? we have done this. Seems like a new kid gets added to the festive mix of cousins every year :D and it is so much fun!

So this is the first Sunday for us, then maybe Christmas lights put up outside -- Troy? Too much?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Testing testing mobile posting format!

Let's see what this looks like!

I keep meaning to update the blog, but never seem to have the time to sit down and do it.

Maybe if it is on my phone I will get to it?

Here are some pictures of a couple of silly boys I know and love. Last Friday was a pro-d day so we took a trip to Beacon Hill to enjoy the November sunshine. It was Ethan's idea to go there and Beckett thought it was an awesome one. They were right :)

Wandering around on a day off with just the boys reminded me of the "old days" before everyone started school. We used to do stuff like this every day! Sometimes I forget how fun doing nothing in particular can be. Let this be a reminder to myself!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Big Birthday Boy Beckett

Three!! Whee!!

Where has the time gone?
You are still hysterically funny and full of mischief. You always have a twinkle in your eyes and a little smirk when you are entertaining by telling stories or jokes. You got what I call the Robinson "full of bull" gene - just like with your Dad I have to remember that you are constantly trying to pull a fast one and everything is a joke.

One of the best things about you is the loud "ANHHH!" you say after something is supposed to be funny. The whole family does it now, often in chorus.

Right now you love motorcycles, dressing up, destroying things, jumping, karate kicking, climbing and terrorizing your big brother. (Sometimes you guys play nice together - when you do it melts my heart.) You are physically SO strong for your age and I marvel at your agility and co-ordination. You have spent you whole life keeping up with your brother and we sometimes forget how young you are because you have been so physically capable for such a long time.

You haven't used a stroller in over a year - at least. You walk everywhere. You never wanted to sit in a high chair, always at the table in a chair like everyone else. Always being a big boy and stating "I'll do it myself!"

When you are in the mood for reading books, one will not do. You want "wots-an-wots" of them. You're not really interested in the story most of the time. You want to talk about what else could be going on - frequently pointing out details in the pictures that aren't even part of the story that you want to ask about or comment on.

You love fiercely - literally. As in: when you are hugging us you start to grit your teeth and mash you face or forehead into the other person. Yet, you are so gentle and kind with other kids and babies.

As I am writing this it is supposed to be your "nap-time" and you are crashing around in your room. I hear you say "pkew, pshew" like you are shooting something and then you boom a deep, maniacal "HA! HA! HA!" and then I hear one of your little chairs smash to the ground. Who knows WHAT is going on in that room? Not quiet time, that's for sure!

You are usually pretty good about taking naps - but you seem to never want to go to sleep in the evening anymore and you are ALWAYS the first one awake in the morning. You tip toe out of your room and down the stairs to wake up your poor, sleepy brother every morning. If we can catch you before you get to him - he sleeps until 7am like normal people.

When you ARE sleeping, you cradle your little hippo under your arm and lay on a pile of stuffed animals with your baby ham-hocks resting on top of them. You love to sit rightbeside me in the morning and watch cartoons while I have my coffee. We often share the big chair and we like to sit sideways with our legs up on the arm rest, or you cross your legs stretched out on the ottoman just like me and you are so cute and charming. You also love to lay on your Dad and watch him channel surf for race cars or Myth Busters, or skydivers etc...on weekend afternoons.

Days are like this: cartwheels and firecrackers all over the place punctuated with a few moments of peace and tenderness. I often say that it seems like we live with little wild animals, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You are adventure, chaos, love, humour and joy - really your personality is far too much for me to properly describe with words anymore.

Happy Birthday, Beckett. We love you like a fat kid loves cake - ANHHHH!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

ADVENT-tures 2009, Day 5

Oh Christmas Tree.

Troy and Ethan went to the usual spot to pick up our tree (Braefoot Lacrosse box). Then we proceeded to "dec-RATE CRIT-ah-mus tree" according to Becks.

After we were all finished - Troy took Beckett to Canadian tire to pick up some cords for the lights outside and they bought candy canes to put on the tree. He really enjoyed this trip to fetch the candy canes and has re-told the tale several times.

I also wanted to note that he continued the trend of hanging several canes on one branch that he started at Auntie Tracy's. I guess it makes keeping track of inventory easier.

Friday, December 04, 2009

ADVENT-tures 2009, Day 4

Today we took our trip to Mayfair to visit with Santa. We have been priming Becks with walk-bys and waves - but when it came time to sit on his lap he was not having any of it.

Ethan was all smiles and chatter - of course!

This year's Santa photo has me standing beside Santa holding Beckett. He is white knuckling my jacket and not impressed about the fat man in the red suit behind his back that *MIGHT* attack him at any moment (this is my interpretation of Beckett's expression).

Maybe next year...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

ADVENT-tures 2009, Day 3

Letter to Santa - only Ethan did this one while it was Beckett's nap time. Ethan dictated all of his wishes to me and the list was WAY shorter than I thought it was going to be. Every commercial, trip to the store, or flyer he looks at causes him to request any item he sees.

The picture on the back of the letter is a snowman holding a balloon in case you couldn't tell because I can't get it to not be sideways on this post for some reason.