Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Nights...

One night a week, I usually go into the office after Troy comes home. It is usually on Thursday nights. Troy and Ethan spend the afternoon and evening together which is fun for them to be able to do boy stuff without Mom in the way. This week, I worked on Wednesday instead. Whan I came home, Troy told me to have a look at the pictures on the camera. Pretty funny - and I am glad I didn't have to do the clean-up!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Cold and Sunny

It has been nice to get outside again. This past weekend we spent a lot of time walking in the stroller, or playing at the park. You got pretty muddy a few times...but that's part of the fun of it.

Dad worked on Saturday, so we took Cooper out for a big walk in the morning. Fred fixed the stroller so it sat up straight again - Thanks Fred! - so we walked and walked like we used to when you were smaller and the weather was more cooperative.

Then we went to the park and played on the playground, and we went to the mall for some lunch and to get warm again. I should note that instead of playing on the playground - you were fascinated with two older boys playing on the courts nearby. They had a football, a basketball, a tennis ball and a couple of hockey sticks. They switched from game to game and you spent half of your time at the park watching them from the sidelines - running over to grab their discarded equipment and try to join in the game.

After nap time, Dad came home and brought Darren for a visit - and Papa Chris stopped by too! After visiting we went back to the park and you could see the moon in the daylight so you basically spent the trip obsessing about that and continually pointing at it so we wouldn't miss it! "Yes, that's the moon Ethan! Isn't it pretty?" When it got close to dark it was time for supper and a quiet Saturday night at home. Hanging out on the back deck looking at the moon in the dark. I think you could sit there for hours.

When we woke up late on Sunday morning - it was thrilling to see that it was sunny again! So we had our breakfasts and coffees/milk and we took a trip down to Dallas Road to play on the beach and get the dog some exercise. You REALLY wanted to go in the water. Just like Cooper was. We threw sticks and rocks and saw lots of other friendly puppies and short people... You ran on the grass, and pointed at stuff?!? (everything) uh-uhing and giggling the whole time. I had a soccer game - so you boys dropped me off and went to the playground and home for lunch and a nap.

That afternoon we had Mormor and Papa Chris come by for a visit, and then you went to Fred's house to play for a while. Whenever we walk outside to the car, or by his house in the stroller - you wave even if you can't see him - I guess just in case... Then we went grocery shopping to get some supplies. It was time for dinner, and then bed again. It sure doesn't sound like we do very much when I write it down - but really our days were so busy and full!

The past week you have gotten pretty good at feeding yourself with a spoon - which you LOVE to do, and I think you are getting your canine teeth. All four molars are clearly in now - so after the canines we hopefully get a little break from the teeth. You still sleep really well and you try to have a good time when you are teething - but you are just a little off... I guess I would be too.

Here's a wish for a break from teething, and more cold and sunny weather!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Sun!

This weekend was a bit cold - but SUNNY! We were so excited to get outside. We bundled up and took Cooper to Dallas Road for a windy walk on the beach. I think the pictures speak for themselves... What a great day!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fifteen Months Old!


You are a bit like Jekyl and Hyde right now. When you are overtired or your molars are working their way through (you have gotten your first three in the last five weeks) you turn into a demon. The rest of the time you are so sunshin-ey and funny and entertaining we can hardly believe it!
I don't know where this funny little person came from (YOU!) but I'm glad he is here - it is hard to think of you as ever being a baby even though it was only a five or six months ago that couldn't walk or say anything...
Your favorite game right now is teasing the dogs with biscuits or squeezy toys. Poor Cooper entertains hours of merciless teasing - you got the teasing gene from the Robinson side by the way... When Uncle Fred comes over from next door - you pick on his dog Levi for a while - laughing and squealing the whole time. You walk up to the dog(s) holding a biscuit or toy in your tight little fist and as soon as they motion towards you you spin around and run to the lap of the nearest big person to take cover. Then you do it again, and again...

You love the moon. Whenever you see a picture or something that looks close or the real thing you say "ooohhnn". Some nights you can see the moon from your bedroom window above your crib so everytime we go to lay you down for the night you have a look for it and point out the window. Sometimes, before bed, you and your daddy go out on the back porch bundled in a blanket and have a look up in the sky. Dad usually picks the clear nights when Mr. "ooohhnn" is up.
You run now. And you run pretty quick! You also have started walking on your tippy-toes and rocking from side to side and lifting one leg up in the air like a sumo-wrestler. We don't really know why - I guess just to test out your balance like the crazy chicken walk you were doing last month. You provide hours of entertainment for us.

Dad gave you your first hair cut a few days ago - you look more like a little boy than ever! I didn't really want to cut it but the fly-aways on the sides were out of control and your bangs were always in your eyes. Dad trimmed the front and took clippers to the sides but he left some of the baby curls in the back - you look very handsome. Baby-mullet I guess you could call it...
I honestly can say that I am not sure what we did to keep ourselves busy and entertained before you came along. You make us laugh all the time. You impress us with you mimicking and parroting skills. Sometimes you get very serious and give a monologue of gibberish - your voice low and your brow heavy, gesturing and nodding for emphasis. We try not to laugh obviously, because we think you mean business - but it really is very amusing and difficult to keep a straight face. Every day there seems to be something new you can do or say. You amaze us, you inspire us and you challenge us - sometimes with your mood - but usually to be the best parents we can be by keeping you engaged and exposing you to new circumstances and situations. If we find ourselves sitting around the house and you are getting antsy - we give our heads a shake and we get on the move: to the mall, to the museum, for a walk. Even when we were exhausted we are always glad we made the effort because the wonder you have for everything gets passed on to us and the world becomes an awesome place again when we explore it with you.

All my love,


Well... it was a rainy day, and we were running out of ideas for things to do on rainy days. I saw an ad in the paper for a free week (by donation) for residents to visit the museum. Perfect! Crazy things to look at, a big place to run around, and most importantly - DRY!We wandered around for a couple of hours looking at all of the displays - we were impressed that Ethan was never scared or concerned about where we were, why it was so dark, and where all of the strange creatures and noises came from! What a champ!
Its also cool because you can grab and touch lots of things - its like a really big playground - but DRY! How can you tell we're sick of the rain...