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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another week of cheer!

Monday December 3

We wrote letters to Santa. This took a long time cause the lists were BIG! Also Beckett wanted to write his but he can't spell yet so every letter had to be dictated to him, but he worked very hard and did a great job.

We went to the mall to visit with Santa and have a picture taken. When we got the picture back, I marveled at the long legged giants sitting in Santa's lap (feet almost touching the floor).

Christmas cards were the activity of the day!

We dusted off the bin of decorations for the house and made really pretty piles of Christmas things all over :D Eventually, the house looked awesome. I love looking through the collection of hand made ornaments that has amassed in the last few years since school started.

Tree time!
Troy and Beckett headed out to the tree lot while me and Ethan prepped the site. The tree got to our house at the same time as Isaiah and Papa Chris so all of the boys got sidetracked... (happy hour, video games etc). I went to yoga. Troy put on the lights and the rest of the decorating happened on

After soccer, we came home and put all of the ornaments on the tree. The item for today was hidden PJ's.

Sunday December 9
The activity was make a wreath. This involves walking in the forest for clippings as the first step - however, we had a friends 40th birthday the night before and it was a GREAT party, so the boys got to watch a lot of Christmas movies instead...


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