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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Big Birthday Boy Beckett

Three!! Whee!!

Where has the time gone?
You are still hysterically funny and full of mischief. You always have a twinkle in your eyes and a little smirk when you are entertaining by telling stories or jokes. You got what I call the Robinson "full of bull" gene - just like with your Dad I have to remember that you are constantly trying to pull a fast one and everything is a joke.

One of the best things about you is the loud "ANHHH!" you say after something is supposed to be funny. The whole family does it now, often in chorus.

Right now you love motorcycles, dressing up, destroying things, jumping, karate kicking, climbing and terrorizing your big brother. (Sometimes you guys play nice together - when you do it melts my heart.) You are physically SO strong for your age and I marvel at your agility and co-ordination. You have spent you whole life keeping up with your brother and we sometimes forget how young you are because you have been so physically capable for such a long time.

You haven't used a stroller in over a year - at least. You walk everywhere. You never wanted to sit in a high chair, always at the table in a chair like everyone else. Always being a big boy and stating "I'll do it myself!"

When you are in the mood for reading books, one will not do. You want "wots-an-wots" of them. You're not really interested in the story most of the time. You want to talk about what else could be going on - frequently pointing out details in the pictures that aren't even part of the story that you want to ask about or comment on.

You love fiercely - literally. As in: when you are hugging us you start to grit your teeth and mash you face or forehead into the other person. Yet, you are so gentle and kind with other kids and babies.

As I am writing this it is supposed to be your "nap-time" and you are crashing around in your room. I hear you say "pkew, pshew" like you are shooting something and then you boom a deep, maniacal "HA! HA! HA!" and then I hear one of your little chairs smash to the ground. Who knows WHAT is going on in that room? Not quiet time, that's for sure!

You are usually pretty good about taking naps - but you seem to never want to go to sleep in the evening anymore and you are ALWAYS the first one awake in the morning. You tip toe out of your room and down the stairs to wake up your poor, sleepy brother every morning. If we can catch you before you get to him - he sleeps until 7am like normal people.

When you ARE sleeping, you cradle your little hippo under your arm and lay on a pile of stuffed animals with your baby ham-hocks resting on top of them. You love to sit rightbeside me in the morning and watch cartoons while I have my coffee. We often share the big chair and we like to sit sideways with our legs up on the arm rest, or you cross your legs stretched out on the ottoman just like me and you are so cute and charming. You also love to lay on your Dad and watch him channel surf for race cars or Myth Busters, or skydivers etc...on weekend afternoons.

Days are like this: cartwheels and firecrackers all over the place punctuated with a few moments of peace and tenderness. I often say that it seems like we live with little wild animals, and I wouldn't have it any other way. You are adventure, chaos, love, humour and joy - really your personality is far too much for me to properly describe with words anymore.

Happy Birthday, Beckett. We love you like a fat kid loves cake - ANHHHH!


  • Hi boys, Regina , I had to hunt for the website address , but I found it this evening. I have had the best time tonight reading through it all. I will be in touch to have a playtime with the boys I love them so and I am so happy you have carried on with this very special place to visit Love to all Nana xxxx

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:54 PM  

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