Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Perfect October Morning Dog Walk

Wanting to remember...
Putting on cozy jackets and sweaters.
Dappled early morning sun through the autumn colored trees in the forest.
Apple cheeked boys with sparkling eyes and wide smiles.
Beckett leaning back on Ethan in the wagon and them enjoying a cheek to cheek cuddle on the ride.
Crazy, slick wet black dog wildly galloping to catch up and then showering us with his shake.
Marvelling at "dragon breath" while the air was still cold.
Belly laughs while riding double decker superman style.
Being so excited to meet Daddy for hot drinks at the coffee shop during his work day.
Dimpled knuckles pressed together on a handle as the boys towed the red wagon together down the road - good sharing.
Taking sweaters off at the park because the sun was so warm on our backs as we played.
Twirling orangy-red giant maple leaves by the stems and throwing helicopter seeds.