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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beckett, Two Weeks Old!

Today you are two weeks old. This past week you have had much more awake time. You like to sit in the boppy and look out the window or at the curtains, but the last few days you have been turning towards noises and following moving people (us) with your eyes. Its funny how this is exciting to a parent - but I'll say "good work" on your development anyway because I really think it is.
You are back up over your birth weight by a few ounces and other than that you are still mostly eating and sleeping your time away without much crying like a good baby does (which I really appreciate). Yesterday was our first day home without Dad - and I missed his help. But we were all fed and dressed and even took the dog for a walk before we left for Kindergym! You just happily tag along in the sling with Ethan and I right now as we go about our day. You are the silent side kick for now...


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