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Friday, September 14, 2007

Nice things...

1. Sharing and caring. This morning Ethan was nosing around some of the presents that friends and family got for Beckett to welcome him into the world. After a few moments, he came running over to where Beckett was sleeping on the couch with a tiny new pair of shoes. "Betett's shoes on?" Everything with him is a question. He tried handing the shoes to his little brother and after seeing that he was not willing to get up, he placed the shoes beside him - I guess for when he woke up. What a nice big brother.
2. Turtle, turtle! I love when a new baby falls asleep on you with their neck craned to one side and their little turtle head stretched out and resting on your chest. Their tiny little legs are curled up into a little ball underneath them and their hands are clasped at their chest. All tucked in like they were still inside a warm cozy belly. I think this is my favourite part of having a new baby. Just like with Ethan, Troy and I negotiate who gets to hold Beckett in their arms each time he falls asleep in the evening. We only get a few months of this and we want to be sure we each get out fair time...
3. Sleepy boys. This afternoon, like most since Beckett was born, the house is quiet from about 12:30 until 3:00. This is when Ethan has an afternoon nap, only waking up after a couple of hours with crazy bed head and goofy sleepy smiles. During this time, Troy (and I) sometimes have a nap, and Beckett sleeps in the middle of the boppy pillow - like he does during most of the day. I love the quiet of the house and puttering around from room to room spotting sleepy boys laying around in various places. Cozy times.

4. Baby Sling. My friends, Holly and Kellie bought me a baby sling for a shower present. When I first opened it up - it was a bit intimidating. But, I washed it and dried it to shrink it to size and tried it on after reading the instructions. Getting the baby inside it for the first time was a bit awkward - but once he was in - MAN was he cozy. We went out for a long walk and he slept great all mashed in there like he was still squished inside me. I am officially a big fan of the sling. Thanks for the great present guys...your thank you card should make it before Christmas...


  • these picutes are just a piece of heaven, thank you for sharing your caring, and the editorials are fascinating.. I love you all Mom and nana xoxoxo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 AM  

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