Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Smart Little Bunny...

This morning, before an appointment, we took Ethan and Cooper to the park for a little run around because we didn't have time for a walk. So we did the usual - play on the swings, jump on the tires under the see-saw, head for the slide...
He usually does a few dozen (hundred) trips up the stairs, across the platform, and down the slide. But today something was a bit different.
On the platform of this slide is a panel of little pictures that are supposed to be word riddles. He spent about 15 minutes looking at the pictures and saying what the objects were. When you asked him, "Where's the ...", he would point to it. I love it when he does this type of thing. It means we're not just repeating words over and over again in a squeaky, enthusiastic voice for him for nothing. Troy doesn't actually use the squeaky voice. Just for the record.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pey! Pey! (Play! Play!)

I guess for all children a playground is the best place on earth. I still have awesome memories of going to Beacon Hill Park playground when I was little (specifically that one because it was the biggest in town). Those crazy two person wood swings for adults that could take the limb off of a small child if you got it going high enough... good times.

Well... here we are at the great playground behind Juan de Fuca Rec Centre where there is limited potential for limb loss...

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" (Up! Up! Up!)

"Thanks for the lift, Dad!"

Climbing to the clouds...
"OK - help me down now... "

Pondering the 4 inch jump...
The scramble to the top...
...the risky trek across the bridge... ...reaping the reward...SLIDE and REPEAT 400x!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kisses and Hats and Riding

Ethan now likes to give hugs - "squeezes" and kisses. Only when he feels like it though...
He has recently become obsessed with Daddy's hats - "HAH, HAH!"
And he still likes things with wheels and crashing into stuff.
And, yes, he is still pretty adorable - even when he looks like a redneck! Yeehaw!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Snot and Kindergym

You were sick - really sick - this past weekend. This was the first time in ages that we had to go to you after your bedtime. You woke up crying hard at 9pm and we got you out of bed. You were miserable, and clingy, and snotty. You went back to bed at 11pm - that is the hardest most "sleepless" night that we have had with you since you were still eating in the middle of the night. You are the best - even when you are sick. Anyways, you woke up yesterday feeling better. We could tell because the clingy was over and some of the crazy was back. It was nice to see - you were kind of a sad case for a while...
Today we went to Kindergym. You ran and ran and ran. And swung hockey sticks around. And kicked balls over and over. And jumped on the mats and the mini trampoline. And jumped in the bouncy castle. You seem to draw attention wherever you go - I think because you are so outgoing. You will pretty much walk up to, or climb on the lap of ANYBODY!
Recently, you have started playing a bit shy or coy, but I think you only do it to get a reaction. You are kind of slick about it smirking and batting your eyelashes with your head cocked to the side...
Two cute thinks happened today:
You kicked a ball in the gym and it rolled under a chair beside the wall where some of the parents sit to watch their kids play. You noticed that a baby was sitting beside that chair in a car seat sleeping. You stood up slowly and leaned towards the baby with your eyes opened wide. I said "Do you see the little baby? We have to be quiet - it's sleeping." You looked at its mother and said "Shhhh" before tossing your head back in a fake, dramatic, silent laugh and running away. She was howling. Crazy kid.
You saw some boys jumping around on the mats and "falling down" all over each other and rolling around. You thought you needed to join in the fun! After bouncing around for a bit you found yourself belly down and face to face with another toddler in front of you. You quickly reached out towards his face and I screeched "GENTLE!" because I feared for that little boys eyes. You very carefully patted his cheekbone and pointed towards his eye while closing yours tight with a purposed blink. Thank God! You are into anatomy right now, but still lack a bit of impulse control and depth perception. But it sure is neat to see that you know some parts of the body, and that you see that your body has the same parts that other peoples' do.
Just try not to poke any eyes out while you are exploring, OK?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Visiting Kohen

Today we went to Darrin and Kohen's (Walter and Jen) to have a visit and a little playtime.
They have a cool slide in their big back yard.
Ethan and Kohen were almost impossible to get pictures of.
Apparently toddlers do not pose for pictures.
You found their kitty. He does not look like he wants to meet you...
Its always nice to see friends. Thanks for the visit!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Seventeen Months Old

You are more full of beans then ever! You play silly mentally and physically. You will laugh over and over hysterically at the same "BOO!" or "ROAR!" sound for as long as we will play. You move your body in strange ways - lunge walking or tilting your head to the side to see what the world looks like from there and smiling and giggling the whole time.
Your vocabulary has started to explode! You are a bit difficult to understand, but you try to copy us and say lots of words. Sometimes you shock us when the words come out crystal clear, like "Ahh-pull" (apple). When you say it you open your eyes and your mouth wide tilting you head back slightly for the first syllable..."Ahh" - and quickly nod downwards over emphasizing the lip and jaw movements.."pull". It is pretty darn cute.
You like to "pwey" (play) at Nolan and Cheryl's house or play group or at the pool. When I ask you if you want to go play you will often run to grab your shoes and a jacket or vest to bring to me.
Your eye teeth are on the verge of "popping" up. You were a bit sick and I'm not sure if this was part of it. For five days straight you were not yourself and slept almost 13 hours a night. We felt bad for you... Probably a combo of sick and teeth.
You are going through a bit of a not-eating-too-much phase, which is weird, but I guess it happens. You always have the time of day for apples, fruit snacks, goldfish, and bites of Dad's peanut butter and jam sandwiches.
In short, you are a joy to us - and we spend a lot of our time laughing with you and at you. Time just flies by when we are with you, and we are mostly just goofing around and having a lot of fun. These are the best kinds of times. Ever.
We love you!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dizzy and Darren

Today we went to Topaz Park to play after running some regular weekend errands.
They have this crazy spinning contraption that you have never really noticed before, but decided you needed to try today.
You thought it was pretty fun...and it made you so dizzy you couldn't walk for a couple of minutes. So you fell down and stayed there for a while playing with the woodchips.
After your nap - Darren stopped by. He took you outside to check out his dirtbike.
You are such a boy, boy. Little thrill seeker...