Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Pumpkin

Earlier today, Ethan and I went to the Pumpkin Patch. Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite month of the year, and also the day we are having Ethan's birthday party for his little friends.
I wanted the house to look festive and I wanted to give little pumpkins to Ethan's friends for party gifts - so we went to pick about 15 pumpkins.
We 4x4ed the stroller down a dirt road. Ethan played at the edge of the patch as I made trips back and forth out to the field searching for nice specimens. While he waited for me to finish, Ethan entertained himself by eating dirt. Cute.
I used the stroller to push the pumpkins back to the barn where you pay for them with one hand as I carried dirt covered Ethan in the other arm. He thought the whole scene was pretty funny. Hilarious actually. So did I - and everyone in the market. A nice lady brought me a cart once we got to a paved area. It was a little hectic - but isn't everything you do with a toddler...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Week 51

This is a classic picture to capture what happens at our house in the afternoons when Dad comes home from work. They watch some cartoons, roll around on the ground and play and hang out, maybe have a little snack while mom makes dinner. I love the "everydayness" of this shot.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Road Trip

On Thursday night we were sitting on the couch watching TV after Ethan went to bed. Troy suddenly said, "Its supposed to be a nice weekend, let's go away." OK then - I have a soccer game on Sunday but we can go away Friday night. And it was so.
Friday morning I called around to find a place that takes dogs and babies that wasn't booked, and packed some things into the car. When Troy came home from work just after lunch we hit the road. Very exciting!
We cruised up island stopping only for coffee to make as many miles as we could during nap time. We had booked a place in Parksville because it seemed far enough to feel like we got away, but close enough to only be gone a couple of days. It was great. Ethan and I settled into the oceanfront room while Troy went to a store to buy a dog leash because we had forgotten Cooper's. I fed Ethan dinner and when Troy got back - we went for a trek down to the beach.
We walked and walked...
...and played......and explored...
...until it started to get dark. Then we headed back to put Ethan to sleep. We ate late dinner and watched TV from bed and relaxed.
When we got up the next morning, we went for a walk towards town. We stopped for some coffee and scones and wandered around.
We went to world famous Coombs - where the goats are on the grass roof. We farted around in the market and got some goodies for lunch.
When it was almost nap time, we headed back on the road towards home. It was a great get-a-way.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week 50

Jeepers! The weeks are flying by so quickly... These past couple of weeks Ethan has really started to enjoy his toothbrush.
And he is also getting really good and climbing and breaking things. That handle of the laundry basket in his meaty little grip was promptly torn off just after I snapped this photo. But he is just so darned cute and lovable that I forgive him. He can't help it that he is just like his Dad. Is it me, or did someone come and steal my baby one night and bring me a little boy?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Marrie Family BBQ

My Aunt Roberta and her partner Sohney had the Marrie family over for a BBQ at their place. The weather was fabulous and I honestly ate the best steak I ever had in my life! That house is the ultimate party/BBQ house - the decks cascade from the backyard down to the ocean at different levels and the view is amazing! Thanks for having us!

Ethan with Sam and her kids Mikayla and Jordan.

Ethan and I with Grandpa Chris on a 300 year old swing!
Joe and Great Uncle Wayne, and Auntie Tracy and Uncle Andrew on one of the decks.

Great Auntie Cathy, Great Auntie Stef, Grandpa Chris and Ethan enjoying the sun!
Grandpa Chris stealing a cuddle.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Week 49

Yesterday morning I heard a rustling noise in the kitchen than some quiet. Quiet is not usually good.
So, I snuck up on Ethan quietly to see what he was up to. Just looking for a snack...
If he was only in there for Cheerios - why does he look so guilty when he finally sees me...?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Favorite Things

I love this time of year. Except for the occasional heavy rainfall - late summer/early fall is usually crisp and dry and sunny. Its getting cool enough to wear nice sweaters, but you can still feel the sun on your face and wear shorts sometimes in the afternoons. It is perfect walking weather - which we love to do a lot of. The leaves change and it is so beautiful...even the flowers are red and orange and golden. Mid-September to mid-October is like a long golden twilight before the cozy darkness of winter sets in. Here, we are at Topaz park one evening after dinner with our long shadows.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

At the Mall

Sometimes, in the evenings, we head to the mall for some errands and shopping. Its a pretty fun place for Ethan because there is lots going on and he always finds it entertaining. This trip we decided to see if Ethan would like a ride on one of the mall toys.
I thought that he would be too small for it. We put in the loonie and it started humming and rocking back and forth. Troy held on to Ethan for the first little bit to help him with his balance. He just grabbed on to the steering wheel and drove like a maniac squawking and smiling the whole time. "Of course I'm big enough, Mama!"... Off to the races - just like that!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Eleven Months Old!

This past month was an eventful month. We can officially call you a toddler now because that is exactly what you do. You practice with determination every day - but it is still a mystery to us what propels you to walk vs. crawl or crabwalk. Sometimes you just do it - and it happens more and more. You also do more big kid things now like hold your own sippy cup and help to get out of your car seat or stroller by tugging at the straps and buckles. You change so fast from week to week that it seems like you could never have been that blob of baby that sat there and just smiled once and a while (though we even thought that was amazing at the time).
For a long time we have been convinced that your first word is officially kitty. Except that your version is "dehee" or "didi". When you see Oscar, you still squeal with delight and flash him a big smile and gasp out a breathy "dehee-ha-ha-didi" and then suck in your breath with a strange wheezing sound. We're glad that you're friends.
This past month also marked the first time you decided that you didn't need a second nap. I put you down at about 2:30 like I usually do - but there was only play and squeals and bed jumping that came from the room for over 45 minutes! Usually you fart around for a bit before falling asleep...but after this long I somehow knew that you were not "feeling" the nap time. I learned that is what happens when you sleep past 11 during your first nap...
That afternoon, by the time dad got home - you were in full swing crazy mode! Here you are running around with no pants on like a maniac. I'm not sure exactly what happens to overtired children - but they sure are silly and then cranky and than silly again. We thought we would take you for a walk in the backpack because we could tell that you were tired and it is usually a surefire way for you to nod off. Just take a little catnap... We walked and walked and you got really sleepy - but never slept. Brat.We know that you understand some words now. I know that you KNOW what "no" means. When we say no you always stop what you are doing and turn around and look at us with big innocent eyes and a serious face. It is pretty cute - but we try not to laugh because we're glad that you are taking us seriously right now. Sometimes - when you are irritated and you really want something you give us your scowly look. The scowly look also doubles as your prelude to a fake cry or protest as well. You close your eyes tight, open your mouth, and scrunch up your nose. Sometimes - for dramatic effect - you hold this position for a number of moments before you utter out a pathetic "uhhh" or fake coughing noise. You are hilarious.
These pictures of you sitting on the floor show you considering using the expression because you are annoyed that I have told you "no playing with the dog's bowls". You are looking at them just out of your reach. I don't know what is so interesting about these bowls - but now that you know you're not supposed to touch them you throw toys on them or towards them that you HAVE to go and get. Clever boy.
Everyday with you is an adventure. You make our lives fun and full of laughter. Your dramatic skills are awesome and you are getting a great sense of humour...we look forward to seeing what you will come up with - and there is always something new with each day that passes. Every time I look at you my heart soars with glee and pride. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that I get a tickle in my throat from trying not to burst with love - each day I think I can't possibly love you anymore. Than I wake up the next day.
xo mama

Monday, September 04, 2006

Saanich Fair

Labour Day weekend! I was in a soccer tournament - but before my games one day we decided to take Ethan out to the Saanich Fair.We mostly hung out by the animals. It smelled GREAT!
I think Ethan was pretty entertained by the whole scene.
Its like going to the Beacon Hill Park petting zoo - except way bigger - and way more fun animals.
Ethan enjoyed himself and was really brave with the animals - except for when he and Troy stood beside one noisy neighing horse. It made Ethan cry because he was so loud. So we moved on...
We went to the midway for a quick tour before we headed to the soccer field - Troy tried his luck at some games and we walked around the rides. We wanted to take Ethan on one, but you have to be next year!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Week 47 Bullied at Happy Hour

Our neighbor, Fred, often walks across the street with his dog, Levi and has "happy hour" with us...sometimes his wife, Karen comes too.
Ethan enjoys playing with Fred and thinks that Levi is hilarious for some unknown reason...
This series of pictures cracks me up because it seems like Ethan wants Fred to either play with him or read to him - and I think Fred is chatting with us...
So Ethan grabs Fred by the collar to get his attention. By the expression on Fred's face it looks like Ethan possibly got a hold of a few chest hairs....