Ethan 'n Beckett Land

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hello, Sofia!

My brother, Grant, and his wife, Alicia just got back from Ethiopia with their baby, Sofia yesterday. They graciously invited us over to meet her this morning and we were so excited. Ethan has been talking about since we first got a picture of her in January. He says that it is "So-FEE-ah" and she came from "Ahf-ree-kah".I can't believe how easy going she was meeting all of these new people. And it was great to see how much she had bonded with her parents. She is so sweet, has the most amazing skin and doe eyes. It was great to finally meet you, Sofia! Welcome home.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello Kobe!

Well, here he is:

Yes, he is super cute!

Yes, he has really sharp puppy teeth!

And, yes he can be a pain in the butt...but it is so worth it to have a dog in the house again. He has big shoes to fill, but so far he has been really good. It is hard not to love something so adorable.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Robinson on the way...

No...NOT another baby! As I am typing this Troy is driving home from Nanaimo with a new 9 week old black lab puppy!
Having a dog was such a big part of our lives. The first few days Cooper was gone we couldn't even imagine getting another dog because he was the greatest dog ever and can't be replaced. But then we missed having a companion around. Really missed it.
We thought about adopting/rescuing an older dog but we had concerns about any behaviour or aggression problems with the boys being so small (and so comfortable and hands on with our animals).
We thought getting a new puppy was is a lot of work from what I remember those 11 years ago. Troy said it was up to me because I was the one that is home most of the time. So I wavered back and forth a few times thinking that it was logical that we maybe wait a year so that the boys are a bit bigger... when is it ever a good time? Its just like choosing when to have kids, I swear!
Then we saw an ad online for the cutest little black lab puppies. So I called just to ask about them... And I know we will make it work. And I am so excited.

Beckett, Thirty Six Weeks Old!

What this picture does not show is that your chubby little mitt is tightly wrapped around (and concealing) a straw that is in your mouth. Your brother left his apple juice on the ground and you drag-crawled your way over to it and proceeded to drink it. You can drink from a straw.
Here you are getting some fresh-air naked time because you have a bit of a rash on your bottom - your first one, really which is pretty good considering! I think the rash is due to the fact that another tooth has broken through the gums...your right front upper tooth. This is your third tooth.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to the Park-a-day

It took long enough, but it seems like we've finally come to the time of year where the weather has been nice and we can get back into our "park-a-day" routine. The past few days we went to the "little Pirate Park"(Gorge Rowing Club), the "far away Pirate Park"(Gyro Park), Saxe Point Park, and Colville Park to watch Troy play some ball.Ethan is still consistently disappointed when we are by ourselves, "Deres no KIIIDS ta play wif!" or if kids are leaving the park after we have gotten there, "NOOOO! Dohn go... awww... "(to parents trying to round up their kids), "... more kids will come soon (nodding head at me)".
Beckett is just excited when I let him out of the backpack or stroller to sit on the ground and play or go for a ride in the swings. He is so easy to please. He just worships his big brother and watches intently what Ethan and his dad, or Ethan and the other kids are up to. He is taking inventory, and can't wait to get in the games.

Sometimes Ethan acknowledges him and makes him laugh or talks to him or hands him toys and you can see his face light up and his eyes turn into little sunrise shaped slits because he is smiling so much. I guess Beckett is more fun now that he is getting older - or at least turning into a semi functioning playmate.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beckett, Thirty Five Weeks Old!

Zoom! Zoom! Well, almost... You have finally started moving forward on your hands and knees. I honestly thought you had given up and were going to drag yourself around everywhere - but you have renewed determination.

Yesterday was also my first day back at work so Mormor now comes to watch you and your brother on Tuesdays. I don't think you really noticed that it wasn't me taking care of you - but I sure am excited to see your smiling face at the end of my workday!

Monday, May 05, 2008


Guess where we were today?
We haven't seen Alex in a few weeks because of busy schedules and sticking close to home because of Cooper, so today we went to meet Alex and Courtney and Molly at Beacon Hill Park to play. Ethan was thrilled to see them as usual.
It was a delightful day, with nice warm weather finally. We had ice cream at the Drive and laughed hysterically at Alex and Ethan making fun of each other for having messy ice cream faces and noses. It is crazy how differently they interact and communicate with each other compared to even a few months ago.
They visited with the goats and then washed their hands about 10 times because they were having so much fun at the little sink and easily accessible soap dispenser. I had a hard time keeping Ethan awake on the ride home because he was so exhausted from all of the excitement and activity - what a great morning.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

It has been a particularly difficult week at our house. Without Cooper, the house feels kind of empty - especially when the boys are sleeping. We have still gone out on our regular morning "dog" walks which is weird without a dog.
When we stop at the park to play, there is no more juggling a push on the swings and throwing a stick to fetch and trying to chase after Ethan running one way while the dog runs the other way to take a poop... I miss the chaos, but each day since Monday has gotten easier.
Troy and I are grateful that we have Ethan and Beckett. They make us smile and force us to keep moving forward - we are very lucky.
After naptime, Dad comes home from work and we usually hang out in the living room so the boys can have some milk and wake up before we go out. Now that Beckett is getting older - there is more and more interaction between them.
Ethan says "Hi!" and pauses...Beckett squeals at Ethan like he is answering back in his own language...Ethan laughs a contagious belly laugh - and repeats the sequence again. It is amazing how simple things like this can make everything be ok again when you are feeling down.