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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Surf's Up!

Troy went away for ball this weekend. Kellie and Shayne were watching Chloe and Cason for the day and they called us up to see if we wanted to meet them at Witty's Lagoon. Of course!

Shayne brought his skim board with him - and Ethan was captivated! He spent a bit of time watching what Shayne did...

...and the rest of the time trying to copy him. Check out the look of concentration on that little face.

After some time he seemed confused that whenever he stepped on the board it just he gave up and jumped some waves with Chloe, and played in the sand with Cason.
After that it was time to go back to our spot and dry off and have some lunch before heading home.
A great beach day! But really, what beach day isn't great?


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