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Friday, April 13, 2007

On Sleeping and Eating...

Ethan, you really sleep like a log most of the time - for which I am thankful. Not that this is a shock - seeing as your Dad and I really enjoy and have no trouble sleeping. Today you were sleeping extra long during your nap - so I thought I should go and wake you.
When I opened the door, this is what I saw:
Little feet with socks half on hanging outside the bars of the crib. you were so dead to the world that you didn't hear me sneak in, and sneak out to get the camera - or snap the pictures WITH FLASH!
You are also becoming very independent during mealtimes. You used to be content to hold a fork or spoon while we fed you, but more often now you want to be the only one doing the shovelling. And when the fork and spoon are not working well (and it IS their fault of course...) fingers are just fine! You are getting a lot better with the utensils as you go...and I know that you will never get better unless you practice. So we let you - just with no clothes on a lot of the time bacause I don't like to be behind on floor washing AND laundry!
The one nice thing is that you love to Daddy, have a yummy bite!


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