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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Pway Gowf?"

This weekend we went to Beacon Hill Park to play golf on the putting green. It was a bit cloudy, but still a beautiful fall morning.

Ethan pulled up the hole numbers and chased squirrels - and got chased by squirrels. They are pretty friendly there...

I almost tripped on this one...
Then he got down to golfing. It was pretty fun. He liked placing the ball only inches from the hole (if not on the edge of the cup) to be sure he got it in every time.
He didn't do this because he is competitive - but because he liked the cheering part best. It's all about the HOORAYS! YEAHS! And fist pumping, of course. "Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods!", he exclaims. Daddy taught him that one.
Then a little girl named Elsie appeared on the green. He ran up to Daddy and RIPPED his putter away from him. To give to the little girl. Because he is so charming. It was really sweet.
Then he showed her how to use the club and put the ball right next to the hole to be sure it went in. "Like dis. See dat?", he asked.
Such a fun fall day.


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