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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can You Say Mustache?

In the bad weather, Kindergym is a life saver! At Esquimalt Rec Centre they have a bouncy castle with a big slide you can climb up. Ethan has jumped in the castle before, but for the past couple of months he wouldn't go near it. Then suddenly, he wanted to jump inside of it AND climb up the ladder inside and go down the big slide. He could never make it up the ladder before, but now that he can he did it over and over and over...
Troy came home from work today and started playing with Ethan as usual so I can give Beckett a little one on one attention and cook dinner etc... They are always up to "boy" things such as sports, or climbing/rough-housing, playing with tools...
Troy decided he needed to shave off his beard and tidy up a little (see photo above) so he took Ethan into the bathroom with him so he could "shabe" with daddy. I heard some laughing and they came out of the bathroom and Troy had this crazy mustache going on:
"Mustache, mustache!", Ethan kept saying - so Troy got some tape and gave him one too! Ethan also remembered that someone else in our house has a mustache...Mr. Potato Head! So we thought we should include him in the photos as well!
Thank God Mr. Potato Head is the only one of the three to keep his mustache after the photos were finished!


  • Uncle Axel says "Troy, you better not have that mustache still!!!" Tom (Troy) Sellick is in the house.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 PM  

  • I think the boys should have a contest to see how long they could last wearing one of those!

    Troy...I think Shayne would kick your ass!!!!

    Regina...Do you think that will work?? Ha Ha that would be so good if we had them walking around like that we would never stop smiling!!

    By Anonymous Kellie, at 2:38 PM  

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