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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Suddenly, TWO!


Today you are two years old. Each month since last October you've changed bit by bit. You talked a little more, moved a little quicker, and learned a few new things every day. When I look back on this time I see that you turned from a baby into a boy in front of our eyes and suddenly you seem so grown up!

There is no stopping the passage of time. These thousands of moments with you strung together over the course of the year are so vivid and bittersweet. It has been thrilling to see how communicative and capable you have become. It is exciting to think about what is next and what kind of boy you will be while you are two and beyond. Still sometimes, I find myself wondering - where did my baby go?

Your soft skin and hair, "wuv-voo" 's, wet kisses and neck squeezes for hugs. When you grab onto my hand to drag me somewhere or run to me and wrap your arm around one of my legs for protection. The crazy infectious laugh that is sometimes preceded by a squeal when you are over excited. These are the moments I will try remember as time goes on. The kind of moments I want to capture and hold close to my heart.

I want you to know that you light up every room you enter. It is amazing to watch you with your friends and family. You are kind of pushy and dominant, but still sweet and funny. You are so eager to show and include people in everything you are doing - so you call to them or pull them by the hand in a forceful way to get them in on the excitement. This toddler zest for fun and new experiences has made our lives so rich and full.

You hear so much about the "terrible two's" and tantrums when you have a baby. While it is true that you can sometimes be a force to be reckoned with - most of the time you laugh, share and entertain. Everytime you reach for my hand, or call out, "Mama, MA-MA!", I know that I am in for an adventure. These new adventures, these experiences with you now being two - these are the moments I will look forward to.
Happy 2nd Birthday (*with all my heart*)

Love, Mama


  • Holy crap you do look old I mean a cute adorable little boy!!No baby here! Your mom is right you do grab whomever you want by the finger and make them come with you but the truth is we all love it and are very happy to be led by someone with such a great smile!

    By Anonymous Kellie, at 2:52 PM  

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