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Friday, October 05, 2007

October Updates

1. At one month old, Beckett is 11lbs 5oz with only a new, dry diaper on. Good work in the weight gain department, pal! It's hard to see where the new two pounds are because you are still so tall and thin-ish (it seems to me).

2. Ethan and Troy went and got pumpkins for the front of our house. I stayed home with Beckett because of the bad weather - so, no photos of us in the pumpkin patch this year... but our porch looks really festive. They also picked up a really cute lion costume from Winners for Hallowe'en. Welcome to the jungle!

3. Birthday party time for Ethan tomorrow. We didn't invite many people this year to keep it low key because of the new arrival and lack of time etc... Ethan has been busy talking about his "hap-uh bert-dey" party, balloons and cake. I think this year he will enjoy things a lot more and understand what is happening.

4. Tomorrow is also our six year wedding anniversary - which has been much overshadowed in the past couple of years by the best anniversary present ever! Our plans include cleaning up after the birthday party... SO ROMANTIC! Maybe its time to think about adjusting the date...


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