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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Goings On

Saturday morning, after coffee and lounging, we went to Beacon Hill Park to feed the ducks some birdseed. Of course, the day I forgot my camera, we were surrounded by seed seeking wildlife (including three peacocks and some squirrels practically eating seed out of Ethan's hands). I hate missed photo ops!
Then it was Saturday naptime - one of Ethan's favourite things to do is wake up his daddy by diving on him in bed afterwards. And sometimes he cuddles too.
Beckett had his first "big bath" with his brother. Ethan loves it that Beckett has a "peter" too. "Same!" he squeals right before this picture was taken (look where his right hand is).
Sunday morning was more hanging around and playing. I had a soccer game at noon and Troy had one at 2 (both our teams won). My mom came to hang out with Ethan for the afternoon so Troy took Beckett to the park to watch my game and then handed him off to me to watch his game afterwards.
We picked up Ethan and got pizza for dinner. Yum!


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