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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Can Be HARD!

Today was a hard day. The hardest day I have had since Beckett was born. Beckett must be going through a growth spurt because he needed to eat every couple of hours. Beckett was also unusually unsettled and not sleeping in the morning. Ethan was restless and destructive because he was getting bored and I didn't have enough time for him. We did not get out for our morning dog walk (because I was getting tag teamed) and this made everything worse. I would even venture to say this was the root of our problems. I put coffee on and the two hour timer ran out and it turned off before I could get to it and pour a much needed cup! Friends came over to play but Ethan was acting up so there was constant refereeing and the house was a mess BEFORE they started playing - so you can imagine what it looked like afterwards...
During Ethan's nap time I got Beckett really settled and having a good sleep by 1:30. I was happy to finally have an hour to organize myself - time to tidy up, have a coffee, stop running around in circles. But NO! Today was the day that Ethan decided he needed to wake up from his nap early and be in a miserable mood. When I heard him screaming, "Mama, MAMA!" I honestly felt like crying. I knew there would have to be days like this, but it was still so frustrating when it happened.

It was going to be over an hour until Troy would be coming home. At this point it seemed like FOREVER! We usually wait for him to go out after nap time but we needed to get out of the house! So we packed up and headed for the park around the corner. Soon after we got to the playground it started pouring! We.Were.NOT.Going.Home. Ethan didn't really want to play on the slippery, wet equipment so I decided to go into the forest to take cover from the wet.

We slowly walked through the forest to Starbucks at the mall like we have a hundred times before. I had a latte and we shared a piece of pumpkin loaf. Beckett slept happily in the carrier. It stopped raining. By the time we got home we felt like ourselves again.


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