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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beacon Hill with Uncle Axl and Auntie Nattie

This morning, Uncle Axl and Auntie Nattie met us at Beacon Hill Park to play! They brought me coffee (YUM! so kind and appreciated) and we sat outside of the petting zoo with our coffees waiting for it to open.
When we went in - it was time for the stampede! I had never been to the petting zoo first thing in the morning, but they have a "running of the goats" through the zoo yard into their pen. It was hilarious. Above is Axl holding Ethan as the goats come charging down the runway...
Action shot of goats above, and some time in the playground afterwards. Auntie Nattie would push and Uncle Axl was waiting out front to give high fives with the swings forward.
We had a great time today - thanks for playing with us!


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