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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Galey's Farm

Today we took a trip to Galey's Farm for a train ride. We are always looking for fun things to do - we heard this advertised on the radio and we thought we would give it a try!
Ethan and Troy buying train tickets in the Galey's Farm market...
They have the corn maze as well, but it takes about an hour to an hour and a half - so we will save it for another day!
They had a petting zoo area by where you waited for the train - always popular with the boys!
Troy REALLY liked the donkey. He was pretty cool - as soon as he saw us approaching he walked right up to the fence and turned around for some petting and scratching. It was like a dog - leaning right into it!

Here we all are by the train. Ethan was mesmerized. They gave us the fun conductor hats and offered to do a family photo - usually I don't get to be in the pictures!When we boarded the train, Troy put Ethan in his own row of seats in front of us. For any of you that spend time with Ethan - you know that he does not sit still very often, and I honestly did not think this was a good idea.

He. did. not. move. The entire train ride. 15 minutes. This was really amazing. So I'm guessing he enjoyed it...


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