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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Brother

We are in to your last few weeks of being an only child. I have been off of work this month to have a break before the new baby comes and to spend some last chance quality one on one time with you. I am unsure of why I am feeling nostalgic about this - I know you will have been too young when your brother or sister was born to remember being an only child. As usual - these things are "harder on the parents" I guess.
You have two big brother books that we have been reading at night to try to prepare you for what is to come - if we even can! I have heard a lot about the difficulty of balancing time between children when you have more than one - maybe these board books have been preparing us in a way too.
You know (or at least say) there is a baby in Mama's belly when we ask, but we're not sure if you fully understand what is about to happen. It is just kind of dawning on me that there will be another person in our family and sharing our house and our time! You are so social and outgoing that I know you will be interested in a new baby. You are also fairly independent - so I don't think you will be too out of place when a new baby needs to have my attention and time. Hopefully...
After your naptime, Dad comes home from work and we usually go out to a park - or somewhere fun. In these pictures we are at Dallas Road having ice cream and tromping down to the beach on a sunny summer afternoon. There have so many days like this with you now that they start to blur into one another. Now, instead of three of us there will be four - which is not THAT different, and yet ENTIRELY different at the same time.
I have heard that it is hard to understand how, but when a second child is born you love them just as much as you do the first one. I can't imagine this either right now - but if it is true we are in for some good times ahead. Having only you has been the most amazing and wonderful thing ever. I'll take twice as much of that any time.


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