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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

Thursday night Ethan and I went with Kellie to the Sidney Market. We only bought yummy things to eat, but we really enjoyed wandering around in the crowds.
Ethan was grooving to the marimba band - but was quite heartbroken at first when all of the maracas for the crowd were taken by the other kids. Luckily someone felt like sharing and I had to persuade Ethan away from the music with promise of a popsicle because he was having such a good time.

Friday we went to Cadboro Bay (or the far away Pirate park according to Ethan) to play and meet up with Uncle Axel and Auntie Natalie and Will.

We just played around and then had some lunch - and then Ethan found some friends that has extra fishing nets so he went to catch a Salmon. This is the equivalent to winning the lottery.
After our time at the beach we went to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. It was delicious.
Saturday we did chores (thanks for helping with the laundry, Kobe) and then we went to Kindergym to play without the camera.

Sunday morning we were up early so the whole family went to Thetis Lake for a walk (and swim for some).

Ethan no where to be seen because he is running all over the place in the first picture - and then Ethan gets tired and needs a shoulder ride. Papa the pack mule.

Beckett decides that he would like a turn walking too...

Kobe runs in the water and then poses nicely for a rare, non blurry picture.

Ethan wants a ride in the backpack since Beckett isn't in it any more. Beckett can't really walk so HE gets a shoulder ride so we can make it around the lake. Daddy is getting a good workout!

Daddy needs to cool off and of course Ethan needs to follow him in...

Beckett plays in the sand and gets really dirty.

Swim is over - time to go home so Beckett can have his morning nap (yes, this is how early our day started).

No dry clothes to go home in...


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